At C.H. Smith Insurance, we don’t work for an insurance company. We work for you, our clients. That’s because we know insurance can be purchased anywhere. Our commitment to you – and the C.H. Smith difference – is that we’ll be here, helping you through all life’s changes.

We find the right products.

First, we’ll set up an appointment so you can meet our staff, and we can get to know your specific insurance needs. We prefer to do this face-to-face, but as always, we’ll do whatever is most convenient for you. Once we determine your needs, we’ll shop our network of top-rated insurance companies. We’re committed to making sure you get the very best service, right from the beginning. Getting to know you and taking time to do an accurate quote will help you avoid unexpected surprises in the future.

We shop multiple top-rated insurance carriers.

Having access to multiple top-rated carriers is one of the top benefits of working with an independent insurance agent. It also often helps lower the cost of your insurance. Many carriers have what we call “niche” markets, meaning you’ll get a better rate if you meet certain criteria. With us putting your quote out to multiple carriers, you find carriers that are looking for YOU so you can get the best coverage and value.

We stick with you through life changes.

We continually stay in touch with you to make sure your needs continue to be met as you change and grow. C.H. Smith is committed to full-service, so as you have claims or changes, we're there to handle them with you. At our office, you never get an automated system. When you have an issue, there's always someone to help. To us, our clients are not statistics, they're hometown friends.

We help handle claim reporting.

Our clients are always welcome to call the 800 number to file a claim. However, C.H. Smith offers you a second option. You can call our office and talk to someone you know. Our team will then file the claim for you and connect you with your chosen repair shop or take care of any issues that hold up payment. Anytime you have a concern, our team goes to work for you.

We have a long tradition of excellent customer service.

C.H. Smith Insurance was founded in 1921. Our name actually comes from our founder, Clarence Smith who started the company selling insurance out of his home in Bismarck, IL. In 1950, his son Harlan took over the business and moved it to our current location. The company changed hands again in 2014 when current owner and advisor Travis Mains purchased the agency from the Smiths and continues to uphold the tradition of providing customers with exceptional service.

Helping people has always been the forefront of C.H. Smith’s longstanding history. C.H. Smith Insurance Agency’s inception began in 1921 in Bismarck, Illinois when Clarence Smith began serving the local farming communities with crop insurance. Clarence ran the company in Bismarck until 1946 when his son, Harlan, returned from World War II and began working with his father. Clarence moved his business to Stroup Street in Danville, Illinois in 1948 and Harlan took this agency over. Then again Harlan purchased a home on Main Street in Danville for the business, before finally buying the property next door and constructed a new building to house the agency. This is C.H. Smith’s current location.

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